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Smart Ring Could Save you Life: Startup of Georgian Students

Cnick is the first wooden smart ring, which acts as both: wallet and keeps your personal medical information. The idea belongs to four Free University students, the project has made to receive 100 ooo GEL funding from StartUp Georgia, Giorgi Mikatsadze talked with Marketer.ge about their product and future plans.

Ring allows the consumer with the motion of the hand to make payments anywhere in the world and at the same time, it keeps the personal medical information (such as blood type, previous diseases, allergies). This is especially important, because this function could save lives. However Cnick completely replaces the wallet.


How did you come up with the idea?

The idea came to us at our University. Campus has a system of permits, which is attached to the identity card, or other non-contact card. We wanted something different, which was not about taking a wallet card, instead one hand movement could allow us to enter the building. The first function of the ring was about entering the hall.

How everything started and what obstacles did you face?

When initiating a start-up we were examining the technology and the factors contributing to its development for a long time. We were generating different ideas, and tried our best to create versatile and portable ring.