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WeScan Georgia Creates New Dimension of Reality into Digital World

WeScan Georgia presented by the Advertisement Agency Sarke has offered a new dimension of reality through 3D photorealistic scanning that serves to transform the reality around us into the digital world. The method marks not only the main points and object outline but color and structure of the material.

Sarke and its studio WeScan founder Levan Bakhia in conversation with Marketer.ge says that we can compare the process of 3D visualization to the video making process or photo shooting and graphic content making. Actually, it is the mix of those three process. As he says you don’t need any special technology. All you need is to have photo camera, flying machines, strong accounting technique, and powerful computing technology and group of enthusiastic people. The main issue is to shoot correctly. But what does a correct shooting mean is hard to answer. It took a year to have a desired result. This is called R&D (Research and Development). When you are not sure what kind of product you will get and still you take risks in terms of human and financial resource in order to get the project.

The difference between 3D modeling and 3D photorealistic scanning is difference between a painting and a picture. During the modeling, graphic designer carves the object into 3D dimension. During modeling, you try to make it look like while during scanning you capture the fact as it is.

How possible is it to look at the item in details with 3D photorealistic scanning?

It depends on the task. If it is necessary, it can be more or less resolution. Basically, we make, some objects sections with a high-Resolution and some with lower. Let’s imagine Vardzia. We can get closer to the entire rocky layer 2-3 meters away in way that the quality will be maintained. Though, there are the sections, you can get closer to 50 centimeters away. For instance, it is possible even to look at frescoes around the church.

Which industries do you consider to be interested in the service of WeScan? 

All. The fact of development of the volumetric presentation technologies and its demand is inevitable. I believe that one day the entire earth will be scanned as Google Earth is today but in full 3D dimension.
The hotels have an incredible opportunity to present themselves inside and outside in 3D dimension so that a guest can make a decision better. The real estate agencies which want to sell the product are able to show clients every detail without leaving the office.

Now we are scanning Tbilisi from Narikala. We hope that sooner or later, when we present a good demo, Tbilisi will support us because we can have a big model of whole Tbilisi. Imagine that Maryor in his office, at a large conference table, with a mixed reality technology discusses Tbilisi planning with his colleagues or any other issues and have a hologram model of the city.

How do you envision the future of WeScan? 

The fact is that the volume objects we have scanned, you will not find in many places of the world. Technology is a novelty and I think we are collecting knowledge and content and this knowledge and content will be like a sail for us, even the breeze will move us forward.

We can scan and accordingly, if GEORGIA is at our homes, the other countries will be added in the future.
Imagine how monotonous and flat the world would be if not 3D visualization. 3D photorealistic scanning is a modern method we use to move our reality in the digital world.

With the scanning in three dimension each person is given the opportunity to see everything from a new angle and see any interesting details.

WeScan is the group of people who are ready implement any scale project. They own an enormous base of technology. Therefore, client always receives most important thing – best-quality product in their collaboration with the WeScan.