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Recently Opened Parsek 1 – Comic Books and Coffee to Bring People with Same Hobbies

Parsek 1 – Comic Books and Coffee is newly opened place aiming to gather geek people together, who share same hobbies and interests. As, a founder Danil Mekhanoshin said, he wants to create a place where people find one another, coming out from their stones, enjoy playing video games, getting comic books and have high quality variety of coffee. CBW had an interview with Danil about the concept of a place and his plans:

What kind of atmosphere would you like to create?

I would like to host people who have hobbies, more specifically. I think, it’s a new setting for Georgia to gather comic books, anime, video games, even astrophysical stuff. There are people in Georgia who want to find a place like this, where they can go out from their stones and be provided with all the stuff we offer. It’s important that they can also communicate with one another.

Second goal is a coffee community, I myself am a big fan of good coffee, which I like to bring it at Parsek 1, so that we cooperate with Coffee Lab, and get specialty coffee.

Apart from comic books, do you consider having board and video games too?

There is a board game club in Tbilisi already, and I’m not sure I want to compete with them, as it’s a big community of them. I would consider cooperating with them sometimes, let’s say invite them to give some place to play.

If you’re into comic books, there is a big chance that you’re also into video games, so I would like to manage space for that activity too.

How was the process of launching business in Georgia as an expat?

Actually, it was quite easy, you don’t come across hard bureaucracy here. If you want to start business, all you need to do is sign the paper, you don’t need to go from one lawyer to another and pay a lot of money. Other than that it’s depended on your financial situation and idea of course. It was hard to find a place, as there is no proper online market where you can search for commercial spaces, you need to ask around. A friend of mine helped me to find me this place. Second problem I faced was the prices of furniture in Georgia, so I decided to create it by myself, it was cheaper, faster and easier.

What kind of events are you planning to hold?

I want to share my experience with the geek culture. I want to create the kind of place where people would share unique experiences of themselves too. I am thinking of holding lectures for parents to explain, there is no violence in every single comic books, there is much more national or international ideas. Same about video games, there are good and bad. I myself watched anime, played games, read comic books, and I think I’m okay, it’s all about choosing it in a right way.

What kind of food and beverages do you offer to your customers?

We have a variety of desserts, I would like to add some breakfast on the menu soon. I’m still in search of person who will be in charge of gathering all the good quality stuff together, because I’m forced to spend a lot of time on bringing all products here from different locations. I have an idea to create some snacks as of characters too. I want to cooperate with local people in this field, as I already do with an illustrator, who creates posters especially for us to hang it in the cafe, he is really young, 17 years old but very talented. I want to find someone as talented for the kitchen, who will create innovation product.

What’s your professional background and how you came up the idea to open this place?

My background is IT, I spent 10 years in this field. I’m a user interface designer currently. There are so many projects that are not useful, I don’t want to be a part of it, I want to create something that people actually need. This place  is my first project.

How do you see this place, let’s say, in 3 years, what’s your prediction?

First of all, bigger space, which will have more resource to hold events. Location- on a more crowded street. For sure, I want to increase our comic books collection. I’m thinking of making a chain, brand like Parsek 1, Parsek 2 and so on. Simply, creating a place where people find one another.

Thanks for sharing your experience!

By Nina Gomarteli

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