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Quartz Georgian Natural Cosmetics –Startup of Mother and Daughter

Quartz-Natural Cosmetics is a joint startup of natural cosmetics which belongs to mother and daughter Tamar Kvartskhava and Keto Baratashvili. Tamar who is a pharmacy technician is completely in charge of cream making process. As for marketing and selling the production, her daughter Keto decides how to deliver the product to the customers.


 How did you come up with an idea to create the product and what is its concept?

Keto: In the beginning, my mother used to make face creams for herself, later she started to give it away as a gift. Since the demand for the cream increased, we decided to pack the product and name it. At first, we created facebook page and started selling creams. Soon, we had a regular and satisfied customers.

Tamari: Before I started producing creams, I used to study in Germany and Switzerland in natural cosmetics companies. In Switzerland, they couldn’t remember my family name and they addressed me with Quartz which means mineral. We took this name from my last name but we can also say that our product is as natural as a mineral.

What kind of products do you offer customers and where do you sell it?

Keto:We offer high quality and organic products to our customers. We have lipsticks, face oils, face creams. In the future, we are going to add hand cream and other products. We have a small stand at City Mall on Kavtaradze, in Theraphy House, Shop Sunflower and in East Point and Gldani City Mall.

How do you promote your brand and how do you communicate with your customers?

Keto: We use social media to popularize the brand and post news on our facebook page Quartz-Natural Cosmetics , share different offers and try to deliver information to our customers and gain their trust.