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Pot Plants to Appear in the Streets of Tbilisi

Pot plants which appeared in the streets of Tbilisi are looking for their owners. Thus, if you find one of them in the street with a sign “Save the plant”, you can take it home.

In the frame of the initiative, in Tbilisi, they placed different plants in the pots (50 of them every day), which had following inscription: “Save the plant” and “This plan is 380 years old, keep it and continue its history.” Pedestrians found the plants in the street and took them home.

Pot flowers appeared in the streets, at the kindergartens, hospitals, and in front of the doors of different companies.  They started the campaign on 7th of November, 2016. Since then, all of the plans “have found” their owners. Therefore, the aim of the initiative to deepen the love of nature has been accomplished.

Until now, it’s not clear who the organizer of this campaign is and why the plans are symbolically 380 years old, but we will know about it on Friday.

The ones who did not “save the plant” yet will get decoration plants at the final event. There will be detailed information about the event by the end of the week.