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Pom Pom – Funny Title for Start-up, Funny Event Decorations

Pom Pom is a new start-up that will take care of your party details. They will decorate the places originally for photo session, birthday or wedding ceremonies.

Nutsa Kiria, is the author of the idea of creation Pom-Pom and the director of this startup. She spoke to MARKETER how the idea came at first. It all started in a day of her wedding. When the decorations were needed for the ceremony it turned out that there were very little choice in the market.

“There were not possible to find anything what I wanted and I was looking for for my wedding day or in a worth case it cost me inadequately expensive.”

“Thus, I found the material on the Internet and decided to try to make everything by myself. As a result, everything went well and the outcome was amazing.  It was really nice and got sympathy from the audience, I realized that it was a product that Tbilisi is missing the most and need as well.”

It took almost 1 year for Nutsa to achieve this success. The first stage was the selection of materials and delivery, because it turned out impossible to find these materials that she uses on the domestic market.

At the same time, she was thinking a lot about the company’s name and logo. Finally she decided to call her start-up Pom-Pom which she likes the most and seems content.

Time management was the biggest challenge for her. It was difficult to find free time in parallel to her job. After some time she realized that it would be difficult for her to do everything alone, without any help and found a person who would be pleased with the future work as well as I do. Thus, her frined LIka Labadze became another member of the team of “Poe-Pom”.

They provide a wide variety of decorations for the party and services to the customers. It might be a birthday, children’s photo session, a corporate party or wedding.

They are working on orders and preparing exclusive decorations. The customer selects a desired settings, and then they agree on colors, materials and details.

“Often, our customers take into consideration the advices Pom Pom team members offer, so it makes us happy because it is the most important for us no one to remain unsatisfied.”

“Our segment is all who needs decorations for the party. At this point, mostly young people contact us, because by now communication is possible through Facebook and Instagram.

In parallel, we are working on the corporate strategy of selling, advertising and preparing event planning quotes for the companies.