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Polymeric Clay Handmade Characters on Glasses

”Zolebi” (ENG: the stripes) is the product of a different look, color and shape of the artists Medea Zakaraia and Natia Khachidze.

Cloisonné enamel, painted glasses, wineglasses, bags and reliefs of polymer clays on ceramic glass – this is a list of products that Zolebi offers to their customers. Ordering is available online, through social network. The characters are ready in maximum 1 week created based on customer’s desire – hair and eye color, minimalist similarity. Marketer conversed with Medea Zakaria:

We loved handmade things, so we tried and it worked out. First we started with enamel, creating coulombs. Then we switched to clay, started to draw and sculpture film characters. Although, people were more interested in characters that looked like our friends. We created a website and simply decided to name it ”Zolebi”.

We are planning to expand, to have a working place that enables us to employ other artists, currently we work at Natia’s home.

We stocked our product at Merani stand, soon it will be available on Rustaveli avenue too.