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Plant Shop

Plant Shop: Georgian Friend’s Green Startup

Plant Shop, a new Georgian startup store of plants and landscape architecture, launched operation on December 24, 2016.

The idea was implemented by four friends: Parna Marghania and Nino Shengelia – architects of the landscape, Aka Gelashvili – financier and Herman Sabo – copywriter. Marketer.ge has interviewed Parna Marghania about the Plant Shop services, branding and future plans.

 Parna, how would you describe your startup. What does the Plant Shop offer?

-We grow indoor plants (tropical plants, mainly), as well as ground plants and a wide range of outdoor plants. We receive indoor plants from the Netherlands, mainly, while outdoor plants are imported from various countries. We also cooperate with domestic nursery gardens. Besides plants, we also offer decorative ceramic pots, plants protection means, replanting and care services, top quality   garden instruments from England and Gardeners’ accessories. We are also specialized in landscape architecture – you are free to order a garden or park project of any scale and complication and we will implement the project.


What about your nearest plans…

– Soon we will open a small cafe, where our guests will be able to work on laptops and taste coffee or tea of special quality in the environment surrounded by tropical plants. In spring our outdoor plants will be represented in wider spectrum. In Spring we also plan to hold workshops, public lectures on landscape architecture.