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Pizza for Nightlife Lovers

Recently, a new Startup appeared for nightlife lovers. The ones who have a very busy work routine or they just prefer to entertain at night; Night Pizza offers different kinds of pizzas made with unique recipes and a delivery service.The authors of startup idea are Tornike Jibuti and Beka Meparishvili. As Tornike noted in the interview with Business Press News , the company is developing fast and delivery service is now offered everywhere in Tbilisi.


When does Night pizza start working and how long does it take to perform a delivery?

Night pizza opens at 9.00 pm and we have a delivery service until 6 am. Our service is quite fast. We always refer 40 minutes but it is usually faster. The customer is always following the order and knows when exactly he or she is going to get pizza delivered. 

How many kinds of pizzas do you have in the menu and what else do you offer do customers?

At this stage, we have 15 different kinds of pizza. There are standard ones and also vegetarians, however we had only 7 different kinds when we appeared on the market for the first time. Gradually, it has become more diverse. Currently, we only offer pizzas and drinks but soon, we are planning on adding more food to our menu.

 What are the prices and how can you order Night pizza?

The average price for our pizza is 20 GEL. As for the delivery service, we charge customers with 3 lari, no matter in which part of Tbilisi they are. It is possible to make an order online on our website, call us or text on our facebook page.