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Pazzy Food Truck- Joint Startup of Two Georgian Families

Pazzy is a family startup of two couples- Keto Todria and Ako Gogiashvili, Ninutsa Mizandaria and Tornike Todria. They decided to launch this startup because of lack of quality food at the festivals or in the streets where young people usually gather. The target group for Pazzy is people who like entertainment, music, sport and are socially active. Ninutsa Mizandaria talks about successful communication strategy with customers in the interview with Marketer.

We came up with an idea 4-5 years ago,when we used to study and live in the US. Food trucks are very popular there and they offer wide range of delicious dishes to customers. We started working on implementing our idea in 2016 and realized that considering our experiences and finances, we were able turn our idea into reality.

Did you define geographical location for Pazzy and what challenges have you faced so far?

After making decision, we started researching the market first. We observed streets, talked to the city government. The problem was that Tbilisi city government didn’t have a legal right to allow us to start our business. Therefore, working in Tbilisi streets wasn’t a choice.This was quite a big obstacle for us. In the beginning, we decided to work on private territories. We also got support from Lisi development and startip market who helped us make our first steps.

What kind of menu do you have and where are you products made?

Pazzy doesn’t sell prepared food, therefore, professional cooks start making food only after customers order them. All the norms of security and hygiene is considered in the food truck. At the moment, we have chicken sandwich, hot dog with special sauce, veggie sandwich, French fries in the menu. We also offer cold and hot drinks: Milkshakes, lemonades, fresh orange juice,fresh beer, coffee and etc. Pazzy menu is constantly changing.

How can customers contact you, is it possible to choose any place and get Pazzy’s service there?

It is possible to contact us on facebook page or email [email protected]. pazzy needs electricity,therefore, it is not possible to take it to countryside. If electricity is available, pazzy can serve at different events.