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Partymakers Startup Making Fantasies Come True

”Partymakers” entered the market one year ago, tending to bring festivity to parties and decorate numerous themed events. CBW had an interview Nino Rukhaia, Co-founder of Partymaker who shared more details of how they launched the startup and what they offer to customers. 

How did you come up with the idea to establish ”Partymakers”; What were your first steps?

The idea was born by chance. We were hosting bachelorette party for a friend and we wanted to make it distinguished, although it was hard to find themed accessories due to lack of selection. First, we were thinking sell-rent service of bachelorette party things. We started searching for it, while we found out a whole new world of setting up parties, that is limitless. That’s how we decided to start designing themed parties in Georgia and bring novelty in this field.

Tell us about your team, how do you assign tasks?

Our team is consisting of 3 people and we have equal roles. It should be noted, that none of us had any experience in design. I wouldn’t imagine it last year, I would create decoration myself, that would bring me an additional income.

How was the process of getting clients, What methods did you use to engage them?

One of our distinctive sign is that we never use pictures from Google or Pinterest, we offer only our product, we kicked off with this conception from the very beginning. We designed my child’s birthday, it was an exam for us that we won it over, attendees were very happy. The next step was posting those pictures on social networks. First we were decorating our friend’s parties, meanwhile, people learned about us and gained tons of likes in a short period of time. Facebook and Instagram is our one and only communication channel, and of course delighted clientele, that recommend us in their circle. Everything is shared rapidly in Tbilisi, good, as well as bad.

What kind of decoration is most trendy; Has anyone ordered non-standard design?

We’ve been ordering different decorations and accessorize from abroad, although every theme is so specific and exceptional, it takes individual approach. That’s why we started to create it by ourselves. Decorating field is all about fantasy, often I can’t explain it to my customer which detail I’m going to use, what’s on my imagination until it’s done. I’m glad that majority of customers trust our taste.

It’s been just year since we are operating and have already worked on various themes, we are constantly trying to add a new detail to existing decorations. I would say, princess theme is trending among girls, as for boys, it’s hard to point out one theme, accent is made on blue, white and grey colors.

What is it necessary to establish successful brand?

The result you get, might not seem hard to achieve, but there is a huge diligence and overnight work behind it. Thinking of bringing novelties is the most interesting stage. You must love what you do, in order to establish successful brand and stay oriented on being creative.

By Nina Gomarteli

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