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Parker Georgia

Parker Georgia – Student Startupers’ Brand Inspired by Sarah Jessica Parker

Kato Alania and Mariam Metreveli, 22, are the authors of the Georgian brand “Parker” inspired by afamous actress Sarah Jessica Parker. Marketer had an interview with the founders of the company: 

“Only a great desire became the foundation for the startup. At the beginning we did not think about doing anything other than sandals, but because of the fact that many customers have loved the parkers, we realized we could do more. “

What was the process of working on the brand?
When suddenly “Parker” came up, we didn’t consider thinking of other title, the name of the famous actress Sarah Jessica Parker, and this woman is one of the most tasteful in the modern world and is known of carrying the most beautiful shoes. She has her own, though completely different style shoes brand line. I think it will be nice to enter international market with this name. The main concept of our product is simplicity and plainness.

It’s being done by experienced tailors by 100% natural materials, that means shoes is made with leather surface and lining.

What is the main advantage of the brand?

Our advantage is quality and orientation to customers’ satisfaction. Their opinion is very important for us, at the beginning we used to encourage users to let us know if there was any fault in our service, I think it was a right approach.

Who is Parker’s target audience?

We had it defined based on our knowledge at university. We thought our product was affordable for middle-income people and used to boost social network posts considering age and location, although we became limitless, as our segment turned out quite wide. Nowadays, anyone who likes colorful, pretty shoes is our customer.