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Paprika – the Shop for Natural Georgian Products

”Paprika” is a shop for natural Georgian products and it was opened on 7th of October, 2016. There are various organic products from different Georgian regions, which are sold in the market. The founder of the shopt, Salome Simonia tells us more details about “Paprika”.

Tell us about “Paprika”, what kind of products do you offer to customers?

Customers of our shop can find various and natural products from different regions.  We also offer prepared products to our clients.  We also help to promote products of small businesses.   In spite of the fact that we are focused on products which are consumed in Georgia on a daily basis, we are also selling rice and buckwheat, something which is not so commonly used in Georgia.

Our shop is very clean and cozy and our customers feel comfortable in this atmosphere. Most importantly, we are honest and we offer to our customer something we would sell to our own family members.


How are the products chosen for the shop?

The products are produced in the families, farms or factories in different Georgian regions, and we choose the products considering how healthy, tasty and ecologically clean the products are.

How did you come up with an idea to open this kind of shop?

We came up with an idea over a year ago. We wanted to open the shop which would be special with its high quality and tasty products and provide all sort of variety of products to the customers.

We put a lot of effort in this shop. We think it’s a really beneficial for not only customers but people who produce the products and sell them to us. We appreciate their hard work and at the same time, we give a customer chance to choose all sort of healthy and tasty products in our shop.


What are your future plans?

At this stage, our main plan is to increase the variety of our products in the shop. We are going to open another shop in a near future and offer a delivery service to our customers.  We are actively working to find ways to buy more products from peasants.