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Ninimo- Startup of Handcrafted Shoes

“I had a notebook in the 3rd grade named Ninimo and it also was a notebook-shop. I drew shoes, bags, dresses, shirts and my classmates bought them with imaginary money” – says Nino Mosulishvili, founder of handcrafted shoes producer company Ninimo.


Nino, tell us what kind of experience do you have in this field?

I am a lawyer but I always loved creating shoes and clothes design. During my university years, I often used to make my own shoes and different kind of clothes. Once, when I ordered to make shoes with my own design, I was telling the designer everything myself and I was very happy with it. On that day, I decided to start doing what I loved my entire life.

Who works on Ninimo production, which materials do you use for shoes?

There are five people who are involved in the shoes making: Designer, dressmaker, courier and two craftsmen. We make shoes in Tbilisi. We have a place for rent close to my house and there are all necessary circumstances to work effectively. The quality is our priority. Shoes are only made of natural materials and in most cases; the bottom is made of natural leather as well.


What are your plans in the near future are you going to develop your production or your service?

We are actively looking for a place, where we can open our shop-salon. This month, our customers will already know where to go and order Ninimo’s shoes. I also want to start working on making clothes soon.