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New Pipe Bar- Family Business Offering Pipes and Bongs Online

As Georgia welcomes a variety of nations into its borders, it becomes a country of exciting cultural integration. In this interview with Irina Papashvili, she discusses Pipe Bar- a recently developed family business offering a variety of uniquely designed pipes and bongs.

The products are offered through an online store, introducing and delivering the widespread phenomenon of leisure smoking to Georgia and to your doorstep.

How would you describe your company? When was your company established? Who has founded it?

Pipe Bar has recently appeared on the market. The company was founded about a month ago and started products sales several days ago. My twin brother and I have founded Pipe Bar. To put it simply, this is a small family business.

It is an online store of pipes, bongs and related accessories with narrow specialization.


How did the brand development idea arise?

The culture of pipes, bongs and other related accessories of aromatic are widely spread all over the world. Based on this, we have decided to open similar souvenir store in Georgia too. Generally,  these accessories create a certain positive subculture among young people and, I think, Georgia should also join this culture.


What materials do you use in your production?

Our products are not manufactured in Georgia. Therefore, we import them from various countries. They are made of glass that is the most used and common material in this sector. We pay a lot of attention to the practicality, design and daintiness of our work. Also, it should be noted that production and aesthetics of the products have been raised to an artistic and creative level. Our friends are also interested in establishing this tendency in Georgia and, in practice, they fulfill various functions of the company.


Which is your target segment on the market?

Our products are made for all categories of adults, but main segment comprises young people anyway.

Why should people buy your products? What is your different niche and what are your advantages compared to other competitor companies and brands?

As per our preliminary estimations, there are several gaps in the market where this product, as a souvenir, is represented among other products completely accidently, where consumers have no choice, in practice. Therefore, we can say that we have no competitors on the Georgian market.

Pipe Bar is the place, where consumers interested in pipes, bongs and other related accessories will receive high-quality, diverse and refined products in full compliance with global tendencies. This is in terms of glass processing and refined system of filtration, comfort and special design.


Where is your product sold?

Currently, our products are only sold on social networks, at our online store:  (https://www.facebook.com/PipeBar420 ). Also, we also provide free delivery services in Tbilisi with the orders delivered to the address within several hours.

What are your plans for the brand popularization in Georgia and abroad?

Currently, our store trades in pipes and bongs, but in the near future we plan to diversify our products and introduce grinders, bong cleaning means, tobacco pressing devices and other related things.


Soon, we will also introduce our website and place stalls in trade outlets. We will also take part in public advertising campaigns.

As for the long-term plans, our objective is to replace imports of required materials with domestic production.