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A New Georgian Startup: Pepela Wooden Bow Ties

 “During my stay in the US, I decided to create a Georgian Product. I discovered a wood workshop, where I had an opportunity to produce a product which becomes more demanding day by day. I made new and very original wooden bow ties” – declared Ivane Kharashvili

What is the main inspiration to create the brand?

I wanted to create a new and different product which would be for everyone irrespective of their age, gender and etc. and something which would underline an unique style.

My wooden bow ties are handmade, and made of wood and high quality and healthy ingredients. It is a very good gift for both, men and women. The brand which was created in the US has already been presented at Georgian market with American standards and quality.

What is your advantage in service sector?

The customers have an opportunity to purchase not only our designs but also offer their own ideas and use our design service.


Do you collaborate with Georgian or foreign conceptual online shops?

We collaborate with two shops: Genio.ge and Artstore.ge and currently, we have negotiations with Zanduki.ge. In the US, you can buy ties on DuoBrands.

What is the specific advantage of your production compared to similar brands?

I am glad that recently, handmade brands production has increased in Georgia and more people want to buy those products. Our advantage is a quality. Until now, we have not had an unsatisfied customer.