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New Georgian Design Company Lemontree Offers Branding Package

Design company Lemontree has been formed for 5 months to create different product. Agency provides business, design, branding, marketing, development, social media management and other digital services. Marketer had an interview with Lemontree team:

Why did you consider it necessary to create Lemontree on the market where advertising agencies and design companies quit exist, what makes you outstanding?

Our company is built on the European style advertising model where the service is exclusive and each project is unique. Experienced team in various creative industries research not only the specificity of the brand, but also their clientele and customer relationship. If, for instance, we are branding a shop network, we are investigating what kind of product is on the market. We look at its weak and strong sides to create a product  more subtle and adapted to the public. Every brand is unique, it is distinguished by its character and individuality. Our work is to showcase this kind of product visually.

What is the style and specifics of your work – the time of execution and the relationship with the customer?
The time spent and the hard work is always different, the best product we’ve created when the client knew about his wills. Our deadlines depend on the complexity of the project. In general, trust has a decisive factor. As for customer communication ways, you can contact us via website and personal correspondence via Facebook.
We are pretty selective for cooperation because the final outcome is important for us. We try to work with clients who evaluate quality, on the other hand we are quite flexible and have individual approach to each project.

How does Lemontree try to gain trust in customers?
Giorgi Tchitchinadze, the founder and artist of the company, has been working in this field for 10 years. He worked for foreign companies during six years, worked in Portugal, in the leading studio of Lisbon,  Zurich, Switzerland, and then in the Georgian market  – for example, he was heading to create Barambo new line and renewed old packages.


Share one  of the product branding of a client company on what Lemontree’s team worked, what was your task and solution?

When working for Eristavi Wine design, we focused on elegance and sophistication. Lemontree created every single detail: brand name, visual elements, logo and packaging design. Our task was to create a product of strong and distinctive identities, which at the same time would respond to the trends of modern market trends. In addition, the label design is inclusive – the information is included in the Braille font, therefore it is customized for persons with disabilities. We give them opportunity to recognize product by etiquette and understand the type of wine.