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New Apple Chips will Appear in the Supermarkets Soon: Interview with Shalva Mdzinarashvili

Caucasus Business week offers you an interview with Shalva Mdzinarashvili, one of the founders of apple chips idea, who won 100 000 GEL from the government to invest for startup.

Tell us how you came up with an idea to create apple chips and how did you make this idea real?

We are students from Agrarian University, Shalva Mdzinarashvili – food technologist, Nino Noniashvili –food technologist, Tamar Sheitnoshvili- Business Administration.

We have been working on our project for 2 years already.We produce healthy and delicious products and Apple chips are one of them. We started to work for this idea 2 years ago and together we found a way how to produce apple chips, without having added extra ingredients.

Can you tell us, how you prepare your product?

The process is really simple. We do not use any additional ingredients such as salt or oil. We just take out inside parts from apple and cut it into small particles, make it dry and pack it.

Tell us about the success of your idea?

We have been working on this idea for two years. At first, we won 5000 GEL from SMARTUP, organized by Estonians. After that, we won the scientific competition and gained 10 000 GEL grant from TA Fund. Finally we have also become winners of Georgian government startup program and gained 100 000 GEL from it. This will help us to build up a production, to buy all the technology we need and produce apple chips by the end of the year.

Which segment is your product aimed to?

Our customers will become everyone, who wants to eat healthy. They will be children, sportsmen and everyone who thinks that eating healthy is important.

In which way is your product different and what advantage does it have compare to other brands?

The main characteristic what makes our product more competitive, is that it is healthy. We offer healthy and delicious product at the same time.

Where are you going to sell your product?

We are planning to sell apple chips in every big supermarket. It will be presented on a big scale. We will see how it will go when we start selling the chips.

By Medea Samkharadze
Reporter at CBW.ge
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