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Natasha – Hand-made Knitted Bra Startup by Georgian Journalist

 Hand-made Knitted Bra brand, Natasha was launched two months ago. The founder of the startup is Imedi Morning journalist, Nata Tabidze. The founder talks about the challenges, advantages and startup development plans with Marketer.

How did you come up with an idea to create your brand and why did you choose to name it Natasha?

I started working for the brand alone with the help of the tailor. I have no experience in this filed but I like linen myself and I often buy it. I thought that if I wanted to buy a perfect bra, it would be knitted, but surprisingly, I couldn’t even find it on the Internet. That encouraged me to think about creating a new brand.I named the brand after my nickname, Natasha.

Where is it possible to purchase your product?

At present, it is available to buy the product only via facebook. Customers contact us on facebook page and order specific models. Product is handmade, therefore, it doesn’t match exactly what you order but it’s quite similar. Besides, our production is sold in two shops, in Batumi.

What is the strategy of the development of your startup?

We are planning to launch swimming suits and underwear line, however, currently; we don’t have enough capital to implement the plan yet.