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Natalie’s Bookmarks For Book Lovers

Natalie’s Bookmarks  became available for book lovers a week ago. The slogan of startup is “Don’t fold it, use a bookmark”. You can already buy bookmarks in 10 Biblus shops. The founder of the startup, Natali Enukidze talks about the future plans and development strategies in the interview.

Why did decide to create this startup and did you have an experience in this field?

I decided to create this startup because it’s a necessary and essential accessory for me and other book lovers. I always used bookmark while reading books and I decided to create something that would be convenient for me.

What makes your booksmarks unique?

They are very beautiful and create a good mood. You don’t even have a wish to fold the book. My product is different from other bookmarks because of the shape and the titles on it. My bookmarks have non-commercial titles sending a positive message.

What is the cost of Natalie’s bookmarks and what are your future plans to develop the brand?

At present, we have only one design but in the future, I want to add more choices and I’m already working for it. Besides, I’m going to sell my bookmarks in touristic shops which will be focused on promoting Georgian culture. The price of the bookmark amounts to 1 GEL.