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Moqarguli-Startup of Personalized Embroidered Gifts

You may all have tried to embroider something on the desk , the name of your favorite band or your favorite quote, or we have given a shirt to our loved ones with embroidered hearts on it…The company Moqarguli appeared on the market since November, 2016 and it gives customers an opportunity to make surprises for themselves and their friends. One of the founders of Moqarguli, Nino Asatiani talks about the idea of this startup, the name and its service.


Nino, Tell us, how did you create “Moqarguli”?

I and my friends Mari Nozadze always wanted to do something which would be easily available for people and the product itself should have been unique and created especially for someone. One day, we bought embroidery machine and learned about different products and started creating personalized items. Mari has an experience of sewing; I take care of the technical part.

How many people work on Moqarguli products?

Currently, its only two of use, we embroider, pack and deliver it to the destination.

What does Moqarguli offer to its customers and what is the price?

We offer our customers embroidered production: House decoration, bed sheets, napkin, apron, clothes, well, everything can be personalized and embroidered. As for the prices, it starts from 25 GEL.


How it is possible to order the gifts?

After we figure out the gender, age and interest of the person, we choose the appropriate design with our customer together. We work 24/7.

What are your future plans?

We want to create our own workshop and employ few people because the company has a perspective of development and we need to get financial support for it.