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Mind Map -A New Concept for Keeping a Notebook

Few months ago, new startup of notebooks, Mind Map appeared on the market.  The idea of startup is to help people manage their time and making decisions. There is space for ideas, aims, wishes, music schedule, interests and etc. in the notebook. Three friends: Nina Gomarteli, Tako Lekiashvili and Ani sopromadze founded startup together.  One of the founders, Nina Gomarteli had an interview with Marketer.

 How did you come up with the idea to create Mind Map and which factor helped you implement and develop your idea?

I always had a special affection for notebook organizers. When you like making notes for everything and use few different notebooks, there is a need to have something universal which unites everything in one notebook. First of all, we looked for the same idea in the internet after we found it, it made our wish stronger to create the product.

What is the concept for Mind Map and how does it help us?

Mind Map helps us write down our ideas, thoughts or tasks in different pages with different design and gives us more a possibility to plan better. This attitude increases productivity and helps us with time management.

What is your price policy and in which directions are you planning to develop your startup?

We believe that our price is affordable. Currently, we have only one version of English and Georgian notebook and the price is fixed but in the future, we will have different developments and prices as well. We want to develop it in a certain direction which will be designed for the planning of a project, travel or other activities which will increase productivity and mobilization of its holder.