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Millimetre LL to Design and Create Customized Clocks for Your Walls

Targeting a unique niche segment, Lasha Kvartskhava and Lana Chakvetadze elaborate on their newly established enterprise offering intricately hand-crafted clocks to its customers. The services include a collaboration of consumer ideas and the creativity of the working architects to create a foundation for creating unique designs for their products.

Please, describe your company. When was it created? Who founded it?

We established Millimetre LL company about 4 months ago. The name derives from our architectural company «Millimetre Architecture” and “LL” are the initials of our team members.

How did the idea of developing the brand arise?

We used to make similar wood clocks, when we were 12-15 years old and this process took much time, energy and resource. It was unimaginable, during that period, that we would ever make better-quality clocks in shorter time and with less expenditures. And today we can implement our ideas through PubLab of TechnoPark, where our first brand models were created with ideal accuracy.


How and what materials do you use to make the product?

At this stage we make clocks on CNC devices and mainly use natural wood, metal, MDF with natural wooden cover and leather.

Our main direction is to demonstrate different designs that are distinctive and not analogous. Every detail of each clock is hand-made with design ideas arising during the working process. Moreover, we make our products from ecologically clean materials. These factors make our products diverse.Our team consists of two architects who have made substantial influence on our ideas.

Which segment do you focus on?

We provide affordable prices. We make products for all segments- hotels, private consumers, private companies and organizations. Simultaneously, by specifying the clock designs jointly with the customers, we provide the service for creating individual designs. Additionally, we provide free delivery services in Tbilisi.

Why should people buy your products? What is your unique niche and what is your competitive advantage over rivaling companies and brands?

Special design and ecologically clean material. Thanks to these values, we attract consumers.

Where are your products sold?

At this stage, we have introduced our products on our official website: millimetrell.com; Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MillimetreLL ;


We had already organized several exhibition and sales. But at this stage, our main objective is to advertise our clocks to as many people possible and then introduce our brand into foreign markets.

What are your plans for popularizing the brand in Georgia and abroad?

We plan to launch production of lamps and wall lamps. Brand products will be offered at affordable prices for the public. Also, we will have a line for people who appreciate special and unique things.