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Rezo Charkviani

Millennial Hub – Innovative Platform Agency-Hub, That Unites 90’s and Millennials

Millennial Hub is an innovative agency- hub which is based on project management and customer service platform. The idea of Millennial was developing for a quite long time, however it was premiered recently, on Spotlight 2016. Founder and strategic consultant of Millennial Hub Rezo Charkviani talked with Marketer.ge about the story behind the brand.

Millenial Hub will be a new type of agency, which is called agency-hub, it will be created on millennial platform and will serve customers, with individual flexible groups for their particular projects. New platform implicates synergy of two different generations and merging their strengths such as:

  • Fresh Mind;
  • Full inner freedom;
  • Natural sensen of VUCA era;
  • Experience;
  • Depth, strategic and systematic sight;


What kind of concrete model offers us Millennial Hub?

This is an innovative agency-hub, which is based on making projects and serving customers on millennial platform. A new platform of working on projects includes concrete principles:

  • Adjusting flexible working groups on every new project, groups will be recruited by existing professionals on the market and not by those employees from one particular company;
  • Involving customer in working group as an equally member and integrating them in working process;
  • Selection criteria of working group comprises mutual visions and values;
  • Members of the group approach each other, customer and task as the partners of the project and not as hired specialists with salary motivation;
  • Group will be staffed by two generations to receive synergy effect;
  • Apart from realizing the target, group is driven by a public good, this means aspiration of creating higher values;
  • The basis of working group is strategic, deep approach and systematic vision.

How did you came up with the creation idea?

The idea of innovative platform has been forming for couple of years, however I decided to establish the agency, while working on Spotlight 2016, I have realized and adjusted everything to a common basis. I am the author of this idea, although my students have played important roles in the development the project without even knowing it.

What is the mission and goal of creating Millennial Hub?

The goal of the hub is to deliver innovation in our sector, also to demolish standard stereotype. Mission of the hub at one point is synergy of two generations and at the second point creating long term systematic platform.