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Merging Art and Floristics: New Startup FernY

FernY • ფერნი is a combination of art and floristics. Brand was founded recently very spontaneously by two friends Anuka Vashadze and Salome Khazaradze who had a lot of things in common and they decided to do something they love together.

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Tell us, how did you come up with the idea of creating startup?

We took things slow. I’m a painter and Anuka is a florist-designer and we discovered how well we’ve got along and that our taste in art was similar. Therefore, we decided to create a brand together, so that we would do our jobs and also combine our professions together. Our main goal is to bring more floristics and art in everyday life and develop those two directions.

How people reacted to your appearance and what is the current situation at the market?

The reaction was not immediate. We are still developing our brand and we haven’t finished it yet. However, the reaction was quite nice, considering clients like our young and colourful style and they think it is unique, which makes us really happy. As for the market, concerning illustrations and decorations, there is a normal competition; however, floristics is still at the stage of development in Georgia. We want to open workshop, which will help us to appear at startup market.


Who is your target group?

Our service is for every social and age group, for everyone who has an interest in design and flowers can use our service. We are trying to reach all the customers who have not had any experience in these fields and we hope that they will get interested and for example, use our products for wedding decorations.

What obstacles and challenges did you face when you launched a startup in Georgia?

Starting new startup is really simple for young people in Georgia. If you are good at what you are doing and know what exactly you want, it is possible to spread information about it via social media. The biggest difficulty we have had so far is the demand for diverse works and different prices. As for the materials, it is possible to purchase a lot of things here too, but we have to order a lot of materials online which means spending more time and money.


Are you going to collaborate with other brands as well?

We have not planned collaboration yet, because it is a new business but in the future, it will be very interesting to collaborate not only with brands in our fields but also, those who represent other fields. We are always trying to add more interest and new things to our business.