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Media Hub The First Broadcaster of Social Networks

Media Hub The First Broadcaster of Social Networks

IMEDIA HUB is the first broadcaster in Georgia created by IHUB Tbilisi and DEVI.GE.

The founders of Media Group are 38-year-old professor George Zautashvili and 25-year-old Ilya Ghlonti. They talked more with Marketer about the essence of IMEDIA HUB and the projects they have in general.


What is the IMEDIA HUB?

IMEDIA HUB is Georgia’s first social networking publisher and the unification of the various forms of media and people having marketing experiences.

The main essence is the television format (HD + a camera, directing a remote control, etc.) Livestreaming provision of social networks from anywhere, at any time and without any restrictions”, – said George Zautashvili.

What kind of services you offer customers?

“At this point, we offer two types of services: first is the transliteration of any event from our or the customer’s FB web page; and the second, best unique content generation, which at this point includes two author programs: 1. Face to Facebook – live broadcasting of famous people in the social networks via using our site and the interation with the audience, 2. INSIDER – TV program, which shows us what is happening inside different companies, how each product is produced, etc.

We are implementing live broadcasting of variety of sport competitions and events on DEVI.GE. Additionally, we are media partners with Rugby Union. By having exclusive rights to broadcast online the Georgian Rugby Championship and the Super League transliterations”, – Ilya Ghlonti noted.

Ilia Ghlonti also added that thanks to the  startup DEVI.GE, whose founder is George Zautashvili, such type of broadcaster has established as a result of negotiations and ideas interchange.

What is your profession in general and what have you been doing before?

Ilya Ghlonti: I am a lawyer by profession, although recently I got involved in technology development. In addition to being the director of IHUB Tbilisi, I am a head of Seed Forum.

George Zautashvili: I was a lecturer and had lectures in economics, I am also the founder and businessman of the publishing house “labyrinth”.

How great is the public’s interest?

Among social networks, there exists the demand towards one specific media product, however, the big media players are not in a hurry to enter here. As for the interest towards our web page, it is only one month our Facebook – page exists, where the access of the audience and the number of reaches exceeds 100 000 per week, while the number of basic audience makes up 15 000.

What are future plans?

At present, our main objective and the plan is to eventually become such broadcaster, which has its own specific and concrete grid users”, said Zautashvili.

Source: Marketer