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May Transparent Purses- Start-up of Three Friends

May is a new Georgian start-up which appeared in September 2016 and offers transparent, any size and shape handmade purses as well as earrings. The production is made by three friends: Nino Zekalashvili, Nodo Dundua and Magda Tsilosani.  They work on the design of the purses to make it as unique and original as possible and their main slogan is: #NoOneHasTheSame. We offer you the interview with Magda Tsilosani.


Who came up with an idea to name the brand?

When we first saw our work- painted, transparent purses, we said all the words that would express our emotions. That’s why we decided to choose the name of the warmest month of Spring, May.

What material are the purses made of?

Our purses are made of organic glass. It is different from normal glass because it contains plastic, which makes it sturdier. As for paintings on it, we use glass acryl which is waterproof.

Where and how to buy May purses?

Currently, we only have online sales. It is possible to call but customers usually contact with us via facebook. We have a possibility to send them pictures of different alternatives, make sure the details based on what customers want and we make the purse in 2-3 days. They can also order exact painting they want to have on the purse. 


What is the advantage of May in terms of customer’s service?

The customers are offered free delivery service in Tbilisi. As for other cities and regions, we send them the items by post.