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Mars Design – Uniquely Designed Stickers from Mars

In 2017, new stickers will fly from Mars to Social Media. Cartoon characters speaking in Georgian and funny metaphorical games are the characteristics of Mars Design. The pictures for startup are created by Ani Japaridze who noted that she decided to start this work due to her passion for cartoons.


What are you trying to deliver to the public via stickers and why did you name it Mars design?

I like it a lot that my stickers are very popular among teenagers. I decided to name it Mars Design because I wanted it to be short and a person should be able to visualize it once he or she hears it. I love cosmos and that’s why I chose planet Mars.

What does the design creating process look like?

The process is spontaneous.  I have few ideas at the same time and make notes. When I have a free time, I paint them and afterwards print them.


How much are your stickers and which shops sell them?

The prices depend on the size. Small stickers cost 2 GEL, the big ones 3 GEL. It costs a bit more than Georgian sticketsbut I think it makes sense because of the good quality. You can buy it in Tbilisi at John Wrap, at GoodWill and Tatiana Tatoo Studio.

What are your future plans?

I am planning to use my design and add different accessories, t-shirts and etc. to my collection.