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Made In Georgia! – Georgian Handbags from Gepherrini

Gepherrini MC is a new Georgian brand that manufactures top-quality handbags. The company was founded on August 7, 2014 and it has been exporting Georgia-made goods to foreign markets. To approve the product quality, the company provides 6-12 month warranty service.

In his interview with the Marketer, Ilia Geferidze, founder of Gepherrini, talks about how the new Georgian brand was created and what products are manufactured by the company.

How did the company foundation idea arise and how was the brand developed?

The idea was to create such products that were not manufactured in Georgia. Finally, we choose handbags. In the course of time, we added women, men and children handbags, launched production of leather bracelets and men wallets. From the very beginning, we made focus on issuing top-quality products at affordable prices. Initially, this was difficult because of lack of due workforce.


In the course of time we started opening stores stage by stage. Currently, we manage 3 stores. In September 2015 we launched exports to Russia and opened 3 stores there. Starting April 2016 our handbags are sold in the USA, New York: Manhattan, Broadway and Madison boutiques.

What difficulties arose in the initial phase of business?

Difficulties arose in the production process, because there were not qualified workforce in this field. We employed workers from shoemaking enterprises, because they could work on leather. We used to go to various enterprises and supervise over the working process. It took 8 months to manufacture one valuable handbag. However, finally we improved our production and launched top-quality handbag production by participation of Georgian workforce.

What makes you different from other brands?

We produce nonstandard models. Our clients find our products different and special. Peculiarity of our products makes our goods different from other brands. Our prices are also affordable and we ensure top-quality production. The differentiating sign of our models is that we produce each model in small volumes.


It should be noted that we use geometric forms for handbag models. We also provide warranty services: 6 month warranty period for leather-containing  products and 1-year warranty for leather products.

What segment do you make focus on and how affordable are your products?

We make accent on medium and upper average segments. We do not produce cheap products, a certain category of our products meet the medium segment standards, we provide absolutely affordable prices. We manufacture high-class products and sell them in the USA for quite expensive prices. Products exported to the USA are different in the quality of raw materials too.

Transportation costs make the products prime cost higher. Therefore, selling prices range from 198 USD to 999 USD. The US market is different from Georgian market and the existing prices are respectively adapted. Desirable things may be ordered on individual basis too.


What are your future plans?

Our only objective is to expand exports and we want to cover the CIS territory. Recently we have finished negotiations and in two weeks we will enter Ukraine. We plan active promo campaigns and are working with several consulting companies. We have shot AD commercial for the US market their broadcast will start in a month.


Miss Georgia 2015 Nuka Karalashvili and Elit Model Look winner Tatia Akhalaia participate in the commercials. We are taking active steps on the Georgian market too and we plan various advertising activities, however, at this stage, we are more interested in exports, because it is impossible to make valuable forecasts on the Georgian market.