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Luggage Storage Tbilisi- Startup of Two Georgian Friends

Keeping your luggage in Tbilisi is a problem, since it is only possible to leave your bags at the airports, train station and different hotels only in case you have already used their other services. Two Georgian friends, Saba Odisharia and Avtandili Gegenava decided to open Luggage Storage Tbilisi to handle this issue. One of the founders, Avtandil Gegenava talks about more details.

How did yo create luggage storage oriented service?

We came up with an idea while we were traveling for 10 days in Italy and we used this service 7 times. Afterwards, we conducted a small research in Tbilisi and discovered that we don’t have a luggage storage oriented service and we decided to try our idea.

How strategic is a place you chose for the service and who is your target group?

It is a strategic place since it is located in the city center, next to Opera House. Our service is useful for tourists who check out from their hotels but still have got plenty of time to spend in the city before they leave. Therefore, they can leave the luggage at our storage service and take it whenever they head to the airport.

 How do you deliver information to tourists?

We spread the information on facebook and we marked our business on Google Map. If someone need this service and looks up for it in the internet, it is easy to find it.

Is luggage storage service limited with time and weight and what is the cost of your service?

There are no limitations. We have four categories of luggage:  S,M,L,XL which costs 4,6, 8, and 10 GEL. It is possible to use our service for 24 hours.