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Loladze Family Winery Success Story

Loladze Family Winery was established in 2012 by 16-year-old Erekle Loladze in Tbilisi. He produced 100 bottles of different kinds of wine in the beginning and participated in Tbilisi Wine Festival in 2013. Few shops offered to sell the wine and nowadays, there is a far wider network of shops as well as bars selling his wine. The founder of the company, Erekle Loladze talks with Marketer about how he started and developed his company and what are his future plans.


Why did you decide to start wine business and what kind of experience did you have when you started your company?

I was raised in Kakheti and I have always had an interest for wine. When I started making wine,I didn’t have any professional experience but afterwards, I decided to get proper education and I entered Agrarian University and consulted with wine-makers and step by step,  I gained some experience.

What wine-making technology do you use and how do you produce wine?

We use Georgian and modern wine-making technologies at the same time.  We are trying to consider Georgian family wine traditions and mass production perspectives as well. We do everything ourselves, starting from grapes cultivation including marketing.

Where do grapes come from? Do you have your own vineyard?

We had winegrowers for 5-6 years and we collaborated with them. As for our own vineyard, at this stage, they are newly planted and they will have crops in 3 years.

Where is it possible to buy wine and what is the price of the bottle?

Currently, we sell it only at the local market in Georgia. In the shops, the average price for our wine is 30-35 GEL and 40-45 GEL in bars.

What are your plans to develop your company?

We are building a new Marani in Mtskheta and we are planning to build one in Kakheti as well. In the near future, we are going to offer natural and bio-dynamic wines to our customers.