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Levanccio Arts & Crafts Brings Art in Daily Life

Levanccio Arts&Crafts is a startup founded by a Georgian artist Levan Kvaratskhelia and a graphic designer Eto Gzirishvili. It’s been 1 year to present realist and conceptual art. In addition to visual arts and illustration, Levanccio intensively works on animation, game concept, character design and game animation. Marketer had an interview with Levan and Eto about specifics and inspiration source:

What is Levanccio’s style? 

The works of Levanccio are distinguished by the style of performance. Their place is not only on the wall or interior, but T-shirt, bag, brooch, magnet, bookmark,etc. as a style. We think it’s interesting when art enters into daily life, so we tried to integrate. Works should not be placed only at galleries.

Tell us about the process of creating characters, where do you get inspiration from?

Levan’s favorite subject is characters, portraits, most of the heroes are from real life which have characteristic faces and are therefore sources of inspiration. One of the character was inspired by Catalan writer, Quim Monzó, whose interesting personality and facial features were used by Levanccio.

What are the specifics of working on animation? 

Basically, I create characters and animations for games, based on game themes and scenarios. As for the creation of the character, the customer does not interfere here, or rather trusts my taste. For example, the client wants me to create a hunter, I ask if he wants Georgian hunter or general model of a hunter, I develop a character according to what he thinks. We don’t go to further details discussion, besides exceptions.

Where can one purchase your items, do you get orders based on customer’s’ wills?

Items can be purchased through our Facebook page, as well as at National Gallery Souvenir shop- Santa Esperanza. Customer should be oriented on Levanncio’s style. It’s acceptable if one gets in touch with us saying-I like you manner and please create a portrait. As for dates, we need 5 working days to create.