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Les Mains- Unique Hand-made Postcards

Les Mains  is a Georgian startup, which offers hand-made postcards to its customers. The name is French and it means hands.  Startup was founded by two friends, Mariam Garsevanishvili and Tsitsi Mshvenieridze. Their idea was to create unique postcards, which would make an impression on the receiver.

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When and why did you decide to create hand-made postcards?

We came up with an idea in summer and we created the first samples immediately. We have a friend in Germany and we have a constant and frequent contact with  her . We started sending her hand-made postcards because it was a way to make our communication more unique and make each other happy. After this, we decided to give others the opportunity to do the same. 

Who makes the postcards?

We work together for design and ideas, but in terms of creating the postcard itself, Tsitsi is in charge of it. I work in for PR and am trying to popularize forgotten tradition.

What is the price for your product?

The prices are standard. It ranges between 5 and 10 GEL, and if the client decides the design, the price can change. It can be less, the same or more than a standard price.