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KOK2 to Decorate T-shirts By using the Works of Georgian Artists

KOK2 to Decorate T-shirts By using the Works of Georgian Artists

KOK2 is a new company, that produces T-shirts decorated with the works of Georgian artists.

The clothes are distinctive as the pictures are entirely placed on the surface of T-shirts.

The company’s main objective is to create new and exciting products through this way to introduce the works of Georgian artists to the public.

KOK2 began its production a month ago and had already got an approval from customers.

In general, T-shirts are designed for those who likes variety ad bright colors.

Mikibo Kokhreidze, who is the designer and the founder of KOK2, talked with Marketer about how the idea came up and what are their plans for the future.

“We have decided to unite the works of Georgian artists in one space by placing them on the T-shirts.”

They wanted to bring in innovation in this genre and developed a very engaging brand idea. Also they supported Georgian artists and make their works popular for society.

“At this stage, we cooperate with 5 painters, choosing the best out of their creations, then a number of these paintings are printed on the T-shirts.”

In the future they intend to collaborate with more Georgian artists.

All T-shirts have the same price. Thus, it makes up 80 GEL. Probably, it can be expensive for Georgian market, but the cost of the shirt is high itself due to they print them in Turkey and after that sewing starts.

“The customers like our works very much, although some of them believes that it has very poor quality and uncomfortable. In fact, everything is vice versa. The textile is soft and comfortable and the drawing on the T-shirts is soft as well.”

They plan to export their products to Germany, Great Britain and France. In addition, they would like to cooperate with more Georgian artists.

“We plan to to add as well bags, pillows, ties, sneakers, socks and underwears to our current production. At the end of July, our website will be launched, which is now under construction.”