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Khinkali Dough Sheets Appear on Georgian Market – Startup by Georgian Chef!

Khinkali dough sheets have appeared on Georgian market. The idea of Nikoloz Saradjev – production of dough sheets for Georgian housewives or various food outlets aimes at simplification of Khinkali cooking, Marketer.ge reports.

Georgian market is saturated by various sorts of frozen Khinkali, but Georgian consumer shows little trust to similar products. The mentioned startup enables consumers to cook Khinkali at home with desirable stuffing. Cuisines of various countries resort fo simplification of sophisticated and in-demand dishes. Nikoloz Saradjev, jointly with his colleagues, plans to introduce several other new products to Georgian consumers:

“The idea of producing Dough Sheets arose a year ago and during this period I, jointly with my colleagues, developed a recipe for production of this product. This is a convenient and high quality product with due validity period. We have developed packing design ourselves too. Khinkali is a very in-demand product in Georgian culinary and our citizens show huge desire to cook Khinkali in family conditions, but preparing a due dough is a sophisticated process. Homemade Khinkali cannot satisfy quality norms, because homemade dough cannot satisfy due standards. Moreover, consumers do not trust various finished frozen Khinkali products. Therefore, we have decided to produce finished dough sheets for cooking high-quality Khinkali in home conditions.

The worldwide popular and sophisticated dishes are always prepared in a simplified variant. We have provided due job to make Georgian dishes affordable and attainable for everybody. We plan to introduce many other interesting products that will be innovations in Georgian cuisine”, Nikoloz Saradjev noted.

The startuper has already launched negotiations with various networks for sales of dough sheets. At this stage, the product will be sold at Smart network of supermarkets. Moreover, the product is also sold at the place of its production – Kutaisi Street N19, Tbilisi.