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Karavela Creates Handmade Tents for Children for their Private Space

Karavela is a new product for children on Georgian Market. It creates tents which is a private, healthy space for a child and helps them to feel comfortable there. Each of them are handmade, therefore unique. CBW had an interview with a founder, Barbare Galdava:

How did you come up with the idea to create Karavela?

I have to children and the idea came up while playing with them. Children love their own private space and I created small size home tent, they loved crawling in and playing there. When I was a child I loved to play that way, and always wanted to own something similar.

As we know Karavela is handmade, how did you learn setting up? which material do you use? 

I read construction instructions on internet. I learn sewing actively and started to create templates. I use cotton material and wood for the tent. In order to achieve softness of mattress I put antiallergic material- synthipon.

As every tent is handmade, each of them are unique. Our tents are numbered, this detail is also embroidered, which makes Karavela tents distinguished and special.

What’s the feedback from customers? 

This is a new brand, few people know about Karavela but we have expectations.

Do you have competitors on Georgian Market?

No, there is nothing similar in Georgia so far.

How do you think, what’s the role of Karavela in development of a child? 

First of all, it develops motor skills and coordination. supports them in imaginary games and most importantly, it helps in social relations if they invite their friends in their private space.

Do you plan to produce other products and place them in the stores? 

I want to create a line of children production: soft toys, sleeping mask, etc. Tents are available online at this stage, we are not planning to place it at the store for this time.