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Investment at WIFISHER to Exceed 20 Million USD by 2020

After Azerbaijan, Armenia and Lithuania, the startup company, which has been able to attract half million dollars in three years, is expanding in Latvia and Belarus.

According to the founder of the company, by 2019 the number of partner countries will grow to ten, and in 2020 the company’s investment volume will exceed 20 million USD.

“For the beginning, we have expanded the countries of the region because the Caucasian countries are usually similar to each other as business processes and GDP data. That is why we started experimenting in the neighboring countries, with little experience, after Georgia. We wanted to learn about errors and have already come up with an elaborate model on the EU market, which is much bigger and business processes are more distinct.

For example, expansion here is much easier with Linkedin than by establishing contact as we did in the Caucasus regions. Communication with founders and meeting appointments is quite a well-received and approved method through LinkedIn, “said Nodar Ivanidze, founder of Startup Company WiFisher.