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Ice N Rolls – Ice Cream with Churchkhela and Kvanchkara Flavour

Ice ‘N Rolls is an ice-cream made with Tai techniques which appeared in Tbilisi, recently. In spite of using Tai technique, the flavour of the ice-cream is Georgian. As one of the founders of the company, Nika Chugoshvili says that he and his friend discovered Tai ice-cream in the internet and bought special equipment to produce an ice-cream. “Wrap your ice-cream” is a main slogan for a new company and you can try an ice-cream with khvanchkara flavour. Nika Chugoshvili answered our questions.

What are ice-cream rolls in general?

Ice-cream rolls are made with Tai techniques in front of customers and they decide which ingredients they want to include in it. There are 40 different ingredients which give customers a variety of choices and it is possible to come up with more than 700 combinations.

How are Khvanchkara ice-creams made?

We mix Khvanchkara in the liquid of the ice cream and freeze it in our ice-cream machine and scatter Churchkhela pieces into it and as a result, we make an ice-cream with an alcohol and Churchkhela flavour. 

Are you competing with other ice-cream producer companies?

Our assortment is dynamic and we constantly add new ingredients and production. At the same time, other companies aren’t able to define ingredients for their products. As for us, we choose ingredients precisely and this is our advantage. We believe that with our techniques and flavours, we can be very competitive to other companies.

How do you advertise your company?

Currently, we advertise ourselves only on facebook and we also attended Startup market on the 26th of May where we met a lot of people. We will soon have our spot in East Point.