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House at Madatovi to Offer Unique Georgian Cuisine from Past Centuries to Present

House at Madatovi is a new Georgian restaurant on Agmashenebeli pedestrian street. Friends founded restaurant with following goal: ”we want to collect tasteful dishes affordable for anyone who wants to get familiar with Georgian cuisine, not only cliched way, but exploring last centuries”- says co-founder Bacho Meburishvili. Marketer had an interview with him:

-Even though we are all proud with Georgian cuisine, if we think again, we will find out that only 10-15 dishes are familiar to us. Even if you go from one village to another, you’ll find totally different dishes and recipe.

How long did it take the process to seek recipes? 

It took us an year with our chefs to find receipts as much as possible. We were looking for it in small villages, in libraries, old records, where we found a treasure. For example, You can try 14th century recipe- ”Stewed honey thin baked in a saucepan and honey, with an lentil”, as well as, most recent ones from the small villages, like a salad-outer Kakhetian style, or even duck Dolma. We are planning to travel in Autumn, we’ve already picked specific sites and people.

How efficiently do you use Facebook, as a digital marketing way?

Each recipe has its story and hero, we try to make a small tale, story out of it for our facebook followers. We are planning to add several other ways to make story telling more diverse and interesting.

What’s your segment, who’s your orientated auditory? 

Besides business direction, emotional factor is very important for us. Mostly because of communist past, almost everything ”Georgian” is connected to past and is barely associated with modernity. We want our communication wat to be modern, show any local or guest a little bit different Georgian cuisine, free from cliches. Here it comes the name Madatovi- the largest island in Mtkvari, that was flooded after river-bed reconstruction. that island is a symbol of old Tbilisi and how it could be developed if it was not conquered by communists in 1921.

Which alcohol beverages do you offer your guests? 

During searching process, we select alcohol beverages as well. That’s how we found Svanetian vodka, which is only available at Madatovi house. Also, we exclusively prepare beer and wine and have wine collection consisting every region unique types of wine.

Who created interior visual side and branding?

Our friends helped us to implement our ideas. Tiko Gudjabidze worked on interior design, Anuka Kvezereli created a logo. Restaurant is located on two floors, we have smoking, as well as non-smoking area. Guests can also sit open-air.