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High-tech Online Store for Implementing Innovative Ideas – Store.Edison.ge

Online store Store.Edison.Ge is a project of Edison company, which works on developing high-technology products with the aim to supply high-technology products to consumers.

Objective of the project is to offer such products for implementation of innovative ideas. Moreover, according to the project authors, key part of the project is the training center shaped jointly with Free University, where participants will study a development of various smart devices and Arduino programming.

The team of Edison company has been long offering high-technology services to Georgian businessmen and physical bodies – websites, mobile applications and development of smart devices. Moreover, upon the company foundation, our key objective was to spread hardware and Software knowledge in Georgia that would enable everybody to set up high-technology and innovative startups.

Therefore, in Edison we have started the campaign: “Make Your Ideas Real jointly with Us”. This signifies that if any person or business has high-technology idea, we will discuss cooperation opportunities to develop prototypes or final products. By these ideas and huge goals we have developed high-technology online store Store.Edison.ge