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Hegemon- A New Online Store Brand Produced in Georgia
Photographer: Alex APtsiauri Photography Models: Pito Seturidze, Aleksandra Paichadze

Hegemon- A New Online Store Brand Produced in Georgia

CBW took an exclusive interview from the representatives of a new online store brand Hegemon, which produces clothing in Georgia.

Tell us about Hegemon, what is it?

Hegemon- is new Georgian online brand store. The young designer – Ekaterine Chikvaidze, she is the one who creates the collection series at first and after that clothes are made by professional tailors who boast over the experience of tailoring.

Only after all of these steps have been completed, the high standards photo session is held. By taking into account this latter one, finished product is supplied to the public and is available to be seen and purchased on our website www.hegemon.ge.

What made you take fashion such seriously to make a business career out of it?

It will be only one week we have been appeared on the market. However, it was preceded by the preparation of 5-6 months, in order to be everything of very high quality.

The lack choice of the clothes in Georgia has led to start this business, so Hegemon tries to create a product that would allow people to feel differently. Thus each product includes high quality and professionalism.

What were the difficulties you have encountered in this business?

Fortunately there were no serious problems at the beginning, because we had the best-laid plans, as well as skilled and professional people were helping us, such as for instance a woman, Tamuna Dadiani, the owner of a sewing shop for many years.

That is why it took so much time the process of preparation in order to receive such result we currently have.

What could you tell about the public interest towards Hegemon?

The interest is quite high towards our production line. From the very first day there was a great demand and several products have been sold. For now we have been intensively receiving messages and orders. We do hope demand will continue in the same vein as it is currently, because we are going to constantly raise the quality and professionalism.

What is the segment your are targeting?

Segment as such is not specifically defined, because our design is suitable for all categories of people, for both teenagers and adults. Any person who wants to look distinctive, we will be able to realize their dreams and wishes.

Do you take an individual order or you offer your customers official collection brand Hegemon creates?

Of course we do not take individual orders, as Hegemon is official brand that offers its individual design to the community.

What else you are providing except clothing?

So far, we are mainly focused on clothing, however as we have already mentioned above, we plan to offer several innovations to our customers.

How do you consider is there any competition in this market in Georgia and how are you going to be distinguished?

To be honest there is not much competition among online stores. Even in case it would have been competition we will be always able to remain the preeminent with our design as well as the quality. Our brand name implies the same idea, because the word “Hegemon” means having authority over others.

How do customers contact you and how are they able to purchase your products?

The users are able to buy our production on our web site, by using credit card indicating their address and contact number in order to our courier provide them later with purchased items.

We also try to make available cash payments as well. Delivering needs 1-4 days, and the service is totally free of charge.

Prices are real and consistent with quality.

What are your future plans?

In the future we plan to create a variety of products, such as shoes, accessories, bags and so on. Accordingly:

Our goal is to create such a variation in clothes,which will give more choice and opportunity to people to look individual and special.

How do you consider do you have prospects in this segment in Georgia?

Demand is already high enough, so we foresee much prospect in the future. People who do not have enough time for shopping, this is an ideal option to save time and energy.

So far these are the plans we currently have, we are going to become the leading brand and famous throughout the world. Thus, we will share our achieved goals in the future with pleasure.