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Healthy And Natural Fast Food Mobile Object Zapravka in Bakuriani

Zapravka is a food mobile object in Bakuriani, the author of the idea is 19 year old student of Agrarian University, Gela Jaliashvili. Besides his role of a founder, he also is a baker, page administrator, cleaner, cashier and everything else that the situation requires. Gela Jaliashvili had an interview with Marketer.


What was the stages of implementation of the idea and who provided with the initial capital?

I saw food trucks when watching videos on Youtube. As Georgian love to eat in general, food objects work well, that’s how I decided to create mobile food object Zapravka. Since I had no money to buy a truck, I offered a share to the owner of a bus, we agreed successfully. The following processes were to improve the products- burgers and hotdogs. It was most important to get the result of the taste we desired. My father was supporting me, who lended me money free of charge.

Why did you choose Bakuriani location? 

Mobile food objects are prohibited by the law in Tbilisi, also it gets quite empty during summer. I decided to bring first Zapravka to the place where there wouldn’t be a problem to park. Bakuriani is our first stop. We had some other options- Batumi, Gemfest and Kobuleti. According to the fact that I’m not experienced enough, I wouldn’t be able to serve large number of people. That’s why I went to a calm and nice place-Bakuriani to develop myself for future plans.

Why did you give it a name Zapravka (petrol station)

When me and my friends were hungry, we would say ”let’s go, fill the petrol”. It’s easy name to remember and logo and design matched well. Logo is created by my designer friend, Aleksandre Zertsalov.

What’s the Zapravka menu, who prepares your products and how do you follow the norms? 

I work with my friend. We offer fast food products: hot dogs sausage is prepared by our technology and burgers. The restaurant ”Teremok” in Bakuriani helps us in baking bread. As for purity, the food is prepared by only disposable gloves, and at the beginning or at the end of the working day, we clean and polish the bus with special liquids.

Where can we find you in Bakuriani, what are the prices?
As we use natural, fresh meat and ingredients are new daily, our prices start from 8 GEL. Combo menu costs 10 GEL, which includes a burger, French Fries and Soda. According to the fact that there are some budget visitors like camp kids, we added hot dog for 3 GEL. We work from 11PM till evening, until the park gets empty. You can find us at the entrance of Joyland.
What’s your plan to make Zapravka outstanding? 
We had to choose distinctive feature from the beginning. We put an effort in offering extremely natural and healthy product. We want to change the attitude towards fast food, as if all of the products are unhealthy and bad for our organism. We also have very friendly atmosphere, ”smile, smile and smile” is our motto.