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Hands – Georgian Startup of Illustrated Flowerpots

The Hands manufactures flowerpots with special illustrations. The objective of the Hand is to beautify residential and working places to people by offering color clay or ceramic works and flowers instead of monotonous  pots.

The idea belongs to two friends Giorgi Gvaramia and Gaga Popkhadze. They produce clay works, while their spouses assist them in planting flowers and illustrating pots.

Giorgi Gvaramia, one of the founders of the Hands, told the Marketer what has inspired this undertaking and how they create the works.

How did the idea of creating HANDS arise?

We have been reading the Marketer for two years and this edition covers various undertakings. The Marketer always urges everybody to launch businesses. I remember one article on one person who arranged cottages in highland regions and this fact inspired us to make something new. We thought what to do. Two months ago we selected our hobby: we liked flowers and started planting them at homes. Ordinary pots were unsuitable to the interior of our houses and we decided to create desirable design of flowerpots. Therefore, we were inspired to transform this hobby into business.

How have you undertaken this business?

We undertook our business by 1000 GEL. We learned making pots a month ago by INTERNET. Part of these works has been made by us, while another part has been made in Shrosha. We have gradually polished our trade and gave specific forms to it. Now we have a small counter at the crossroad of Khorava and Janashia Streets and our pots are sold there.


How do you make flowerpots?

We make illustrated clay pots and this is innovation in Georgia. Ceramic and clay products are illustrated by acrylic colors that do not damage flower roots and maintain colors for a long period. When people buy flowers, they bring new life to the family and at the same time, add more color and happiness thanks to original pot.

How do you plan to develop this business?

We receive individual orders too and we plan to improve this service and prepare gift pots. In the future, We plan to add delivery services too and we want to launch illustrating flower vases too.