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Hand4help: Georgia Startup Creates Upper Limb Prosthesis

Hand4Help is a Georgian startup, which creates upper limb prosthesis, company is one of the winners of StartUp Georgia program, where it received 100 000 GEL funding.

The aim of Hand4help– is to create multi functional, affordable limb prosthesis, which will enable people to move things with the nerve endings. These models allow us to make two types of mechanical prosthesis, one that works on the wrist motion, and the second with the motion of the arm.

Archil Sakevarishvili founder and Technical Director of the company, a student of Free University of Georgia talked about his experience and future plans with Marketer.ge

After creating the first prototype, we realized that we could make such product that would help disabled people. Controlling the product is quite simple:  A sensor perceives the crick, resulting movement of prosthesis. Our know-how is that, with one muscle people can control couple of functions, (Fist and OK- ‘s gesture), and they also can use RFID reader, through which taking things will be possible, by only attaching a small chip on concrete things.