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GT Hand-Made Bags Made in Georgia: Stylish and Convenient

The founder of handmade natural leather bags GT, Giga Tavdgiridze has been producing his product since 2015. He graduated from Technical University but his current profession is very different from the academic one. Tavdgiridze started design work lately, but he already took part in Tbilisi and Adjara Fashion Week.

Tell us how did you come up with an idea to start GT business and when did you start it? 

I used to work in one of Ads Company for 15 years, but I left the job because of my personal reasons. After that I made my first leather purse for my family. I bought the material myself and my family liked it a lot. I started making purses in 2015. I don’t get individual orders because i make the purses and sell product.

Which target group do you have for your purses?


– My purses are for both men and women. GT purse concept is vintage. It is made exclusively. I have done combination of wood and leather, as well as leather and other materials. I have already made 9 collections and I am working on my 10th collection now. At one of the exhibitions, out of 12 purses, two of them have been sold. I always work on making my products more comfortable.

What do you think, what should government do to support business development?- 

If the government supports my business, it will be nice. For example, I would make leather bags for pupils and soldiers.