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Grant Winning Startup Daraba – First Online Art Gallery in Georgia

The winners of the Co-Financing Grant program of Innovations and Technologies Agency of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development is revealed.

Total 20 winners were named within the program. Each of them received a grant of 100 thousand GEL. The decision was made by the Investment Committee, which is staffed by high-level international venture investors.

CBW had an interview with Giorgi Kekelidze, Founder & CEO of one of the winner company Daraba:

Can you describe what Daraba does, and why you decided to found the company?

DARABA is the first online Art Gallery or Georgian art marketplace, where art lovers can easily find and buy original art no matter their taste or a budget. DARABA will help Georgian artists sell artworks globally by creating a website and offering global shipping services to the art buyers.

Furthermore, DARABA will be very active offline as well and will organize innovative exhibitions by animating the paintings.

The main reason behind starting the company is to support Georgian artists as my father did almost 30 years ago with the same company name, DARABA. Additionally, I was always into art and DARABA is just a perfect food for my soul.

Tell us about your team and work process.

Currently, we are in a process of finalizing our team. I have great team members already with whom I have worked previously. On top of being true professionals, they are my friends and most importantly share DARABA’s mission to support Georgian artists.

We already started working to have our website, Daraba.ge finished in summer and to organize the first animated exhibition of Tutu Kiladze.

Who’s your target audience?

Our target audience is foreigners, mostly tourists traveling in Georgia as they are currently main art buyers. However, I think that Georgians will also start buying artworks after we offer them a website with built-in filters to easily search and buy only Georgian art. Moreover, in order to make art affordable for many people and especially appealing for Georgians, Daraba will charges at least two times lower sales commission fee than fees offered by traditional galleries.

What are your plans for the future, how do you plan to grow this company?

We plan to be a fast-growing company. In the nearest future, we will be present at TAF and organize our first exhibition in summer. By end 2019, we want to have most of the Georgian artists consolidated on our website and already actively selling globally.


By Nina Gomarteli

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