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Glove to Assist Patients in Rehabilitation Process after Cerebral Accident – Winner Startup Idea

Ilia State University and IliaUni Laboratory for Industrial Innovations (FabLab IliaUni), as part of global entrepreneurship week, conducted MakeAthon – Your Startup Idea in Reality.

Participant teams competed with each other in creating innovative and unique ideas in limited time. At the next stage, first prototypes of ideas will be created by use of IliaUni FabLab modern technologies and under mentoring of Georgian and foreign experts.

According to jury decision, the victory was granted to a glove that assists a patient in rehabilitation after  Cerebral Accident.

The project authors are Giorgi Tskhovrebadze, a student from Free University computer science and mathematics school (MACs), and Dimitri Tskhovrebadze, a student of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) electricity and computer science faculty).

Beeline company has set an award for MakeAthon winner. The winner team will leave for Barcelona (Spain) in February 2017 for world congress of mobile technologies. This event is a final stage  of Eurasian Mobile Challenge, Beeline’s mobile application competition.

Beeline will fully cover living, transportation and participation costs for the winner team members, who will be also able to pass acceleration process and improve the product at IliaUni FabLab.

About Project

On average 15 million people is diseased by apoplexy. As a rule, a patient loses ability of moving legs and arms. Rehabilitation process aims to regenerate ability of moving legs and ams. At least 3-4 months are required to restore this ability and the treatment process requires huge financial resources (more than 10 000 USD). As part of MakeAthon project, Giorgi and Dimitri Tskhovrebadzes have created a glove that will assist patients  in rehabilitation process and its prime costs is under 150 USD.

Giorgi Tskhovrebadze, Iliauni MakeAthon participant: “Mirror Box is one of the methods of treatment that is to cheat brain by creating illusion. Patient puts damaged hand in a box that has a mirror on the side. The patient should take coins and drop them into box by healthy hand and watch into mirror during this process. This method is frequently used in rehabilitation process and research results prove that this improves moving ability.

Our glove will assist patients in rehabilitation process under the following principle – patient takes on the glove on damaged hand and performs joyful tasks by another and.

The sensor perceives hand movement and makes the glove repeat the same movement. As a result, the patient moves both hands in the same way, while brain starts restoring functionality and the movement ability is improved.

The glove treatment process comprises three stages. On the last two stages it is possible to use virtual reality mechanism. At this stage of treatment, when the patient’s condition is improved, the glove perceives power used by the patient and helps the patient to bow the arm. This signifies the glove alleviates moving arm and fulfilling any movement.

Ability of moving arm is improved in the course of time and the patient gradually uses its force fully. Cheating the brain by virtual reality accelerates rehabilitation process and make its more efficient.