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How Gift Idea Became a Business

Gultatmani is a knitted items brand which appeared on the market not so long time ago. The idea Mariam Morchiladze came up with to buy a special gift turned into a small startup. She tells more about it.


Tell us about you, when did you create your company, who established it and etc.?

It started very spontaneously without any plans. For me, it has always been a difficult task to buy a gift for the friend. I wanted something different for my friend’s birthday. I didn’t have time to knit something big, so I made gloves. My friend liked it a lot and that’s how Gultatmani idea was born. Later, the demand increased for it.


How did you come up with an idea?

I was knitting hearts on the palm places and that’s why I named it Gultatmani. From the beginning, it was only gloves with hearts knitted inside but later a lot of people asked for hats and we couldn’t refuse them. We are working for new ideas in the future and we will be more prepared next winter, probably in summer too, but we will see how it will work out.


How many people work in your company?

Currently, we are two. I am a producer and my friend does PR.

What is the segment of your production?

It is for happy and colourful people of different ages and taste.


Why customer should buy your product, how is it different from other competitor companies and brands?

I can’t tell you. I also want to know but its fact that people like it and I didn’t expect it at all. Its been only one month since we created facebook page and practically we are in testing regime, we didn’t make an ad yet but we have a very good response from people and we are very happy.

Where do you sell your production?

We manage sales via facebook.


What activities do you plan to implement for the popularization of brand in Georgia or abroad?

In the future, we are going to get involved in different activities (e.g Flea market, startups and etc.) so that more people will know about our product. At this stage, only one person receives the orders but we are going to add human resource to our company. As for international market, considering its unique character, it is not a problem to present the offer and it depends on the demand.