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Georgian Startup Offers Smart Home Space Saving Furniture

The innovative Georgian Startup Smart Home space saving furniture offers users a spatially transformed furniture. The project aims to produce furniture that changes its size and shape while using it.

“We are preparing the furniture for a small space, which is multifunctional, most people living in Georgia have low income people who do not have the opportunity to buy a large apartment, so we have decided to make this kind of product,” said the company.

According to company representatives, Smart Home offers consumers about 2 times lower prices compared to imported furniture. High-tech furniture is convenient in small offices, residential apartments and hostels.

“We are focused on quality, that’s why we are competing with the imported products, we are working on corporate and individual orders, we have a showroom, website and Facebook page for sales,” said Smart Home founder Irakli Abuladze at BM.

The brand has been on the market for 5 months, Smart Home plans to export products to countries such as Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belarus and Bulgaria.