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Georgian Startup COCOnut Helps you to Create Romantic Atmosphere

As it seems, inspiration can be anywhere, whether when you walk to a grocery store it can be the beginning of your business story. Founder of COCOnut Irakli Kobauri shared his story with CBW how married couple started their startup by seeing a coconut from different perspective: 

Tell us a little bit about your company – what is COCOnut all about?

On our way from work to home, we would often visit one tiny vegetable store. Once, we saw a coconut for sale. Even though, I’ve never thought of trying it, it was my initiative that day to get one for exotic evening. However, its taste didn’t meet our expectations and prepared it coconut for throwing away. Irakli, who was going to village next day, took it with him and sent me a picture of some kind of object, that would shine romantically. Long story short, he made a candle holder, that inspired not only me but our friends. I realized, we had an opportunity to create a new shape from a coconut, that’s how our idea was born. 

What methodologies and techniques do you use to make coconut lamps?

I was into DIY and working on wood since childhood. The process of making coconut lamps takes a lot of work, for which I use wood and coconut. Basically, I work with hands, then it needs equipment to bind it. My spouse Madona and I take care of design, we share our ideas and then I create models.

How did you get your first customers?

Our first appraisers were our friends, who were excited with our works, that motivated us to make business out of it. As for channels of sharing our product, we are being active on internet at this stage, and we get quite amount of response. Our customers bring their friends to us and so on. We have offers from shops too, but as we are both busy with our jobs, we can’t find time to increase the numbers of our product yet.

What are your plans for the future, how do you plan to grow this com

We are planning to grow our staff to produce more, it took us long, and we are still in the process of searching. Also, we are starting to expand our studio. Besides, coconut lamps we will offer other original products. Our production is for people who like to standout and like extraordinary things. We have interesting challenges and steps coming up, it’s important that we’ve started to implement planned strategies.

By Nina Gomarteli

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